Performancefitness365 Small Group Training provides the client with personalized attention in an energetic, supportive, and motivating environment. This translates into results. What do you get with small group training classes? A highly qualified trainer and a very limited number of participants per class which ensures maximum one-on-one attention. Participate in a proven program designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and ensure accountability in a judgment-free atmosphere.

It’s like having your own premium personal trainer-with the added camaraderie of a few friendly fellows. Space is limited. Two person minimum to run the class. Classes are 55 minutes in length.

6 Months


12 Months


18 Months


24 Months


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All Training Comes With The Following:

  • 24-Hour Phone Support
  • E-mail Support
  • Comprehensive Individualized Nutritional Plan
  • Community-Based, Friendly, Supportive Training Environment
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Weekly Training Log Review Upon Request
  • Personalized Training Attire
  • Custom Travel Training
  • Facility Membership
  • Before’ and ‘After’ Results photos